101 Portraits of Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures

This is an interesting book that will be a good text to encourage people to spend more time in the Old Testament. Christians have a tendency to spend more time in the New at the expense of reading and studying the Old. Bob Beasley has written a book that will draw readers to the Old Testament not only for the history but to see how Christ is revealed throughout it.

Beasley is a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary. a ruling elder in the PCA, and former member of the CEP Committee. In the same clear manner as earlier works by this author, he has given us 101 different portraits of Christ from Genesis to Malachi. Being appreciative of earlier books, the late Edmund P. Clowney’s The Unfolding Mystery and Dennis Johnson’s Him We Proclaim, Beasley’s book will help us grow in our appreciation for the Old Testament as we see our Lord revealed there in prophesies, types, foreshadowing, and mighty works, as well as His pre-incarnate appearances.

Each portrait is only two pages. It could be used as a personal or family devotional. It could be used in teen or adult Bible studies by combining the portraits. Don’t pass this by.

Charles Dunahoo pastored churches in Georgia and Alabama before being called to his present position as Coordinator for the PCA of Christian Education and Publications (CEP).

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