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Two Views On Nukes Offered

Commissioners to the PCA’s 1986 general assembly will have to decide what kind of guidance they want to give on the question of nuclear weapons. Six of seven mem

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Koreans Keep Coming

In the view of one school of missiologists, this isn’t all bad. They have a name for it: the homogeneous unit principle (HUP). One of the more remarkable applications of the principle among Protestants is taking place today in the Presbyterian Church in America. Thousands of immigrant Koreans have found homes in PCA congrega

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Two Views on Joining the NAE

NAE membership is being debated throughout the denomination. Some of the issues on either side are discussed in the following presentations. William A. Shell is in favor of joining. He is a teaching elder in Great Lakes Presbytery and the stated clerk of that court. He is associate professor of biblical studies at Reformed Bible College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Opposing the affiliation is William A. Rocap Jr., a ruling elder in the Lakeshore Church, Denver, North Carolina, and a former moderator of Central Carolina Presbytery. Though retired as an executive with the Meredith Corporation, he continues active as a consultant to the publishing industry.