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A Most Unusual Church

By Sharon Kraemer. Worship, relationships and missions are the three foci of his ministry. He says that every time he preaches or teaches, it is on one of these themes. He endeavors to be “refreshingly redundant,” “hammering away” at the three things which are “vitally related” in his mind. “If we’re doing any one of them success

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At the Helm of the PCA

By Sharon Kraemer. The diversity of gifts in the Body of Christ can be readily seen in the ten men who lead the committees or boards for our PCA program com

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Christian Education for Pre-schoolers

By Sharon Kraemer. “So much is happening at that early age to form a person’s lifelong attitudes and perceptions; this is my way of ministering to families at a very crucial time.” He sees the tremendous need for quality child care as a great opportunity to minister to the needs of children and parents, and perhaps introduce them to the Savior.