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Tradition: Rightly Divided

By James L. Sauer. Tradition is very human. Tradition transmits and preserves what is good in our past as well as what is bad. In itself, tradition is amoral; it is just human nature linking us with our history. As we lose our traditions we often destroy our sense of identity.

Your Child’s Self Image

By Thomas A. Whiteman. For those of us who are parents, our greatest responsibility in life is to raise our children! An important ingredient in that formula is a proper view of self – to have a good self-image. When people don’t like themselves, they will have a distorted image of God and will have great difficulty loving other people.

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The Role of the Pastor in Christian Education

By Allen Curry. Even though the Sunday sermons occupy the center of the pastor’s educational work, there are many other educational functions that fall to the pastor/teacher. He is always concerned with shaping and forming the people of God into the living, functioning body the Bible portrays.