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Something Eternal

By Matsu Crawford. Every time we write a date, we declare that God came to planet earth to live in a man’s body. Jesus, God the Son, came into the world as all human babies must come- following all the laws for humans. He did not come to do away with any of God’s laws but to fill them with meaning.

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There’s No Such Thing As An Ex-Grandparent

By Dr. Thomas Whiteman. When most people think about divorce, they usually conjure up images of the embittered parents, the emotionally torn children, or maybe even the crafty legal posturing of the lawyers. Yet there is another drama that unfolds that we typically hear very little about. It is the plight of the par

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What Americans Consider Important

What’s important to Americans-time or money? In the battle between time and money, time was the clear winner. The study, conducted by the Barna Research Group, tested the importance of ten different areas of life. The most important? Family.