Monthly Archives: May 2004

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Longing to Know: Then Philosophy of Knowledge for Ordinary People

This is a timely book because the postmodernists’ reaction to modernism is over the claim that we can know things objectively and with certainty. This book deals withepistemology andwill personally benefit you in understanding the process of knowing, as well as be a help if you have opportunity to talk with people who are shaped more by the world’s ideas and opinions than biblical truth.

Sunday School and Small Groups

Both Sunday school and small groups are programs. Consequently, they should be viewed as means to an end – nothing more. If they serve a given purpose, presumably one better than a possible alternative, they are worthwhile. If not, do something else.

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Fine China is For Single Women, Too

Good theology applies to every circumstance of life and here we see how singles should view and process their marital status biblically. This book is little in size but rich in content.

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Mapping Postmodernism: A Survey of Christian Options

This bookis an in-depth reference book of history and ideas within the Christian framework and helps us navigate through the turbulent waters of the early 21st century with a better understanding of how to communicate God’s truth to today’s generation.

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Is It Right to Have Denominations?

We maintained that while the church is one, it is made up of many parts. On the basis of the “one and many” concept, we believed the existence of denominations did not nullify the oneness of the body. We must realize that it is the actions of the various parts of the body that determined the oneness of the church’s wit

The Truth About Islam

We have noticed a great confusion in the Church of Christ and in the country concerning the true nature ofIslam. We believe that it is our responsibilityto accurately, fairly, and honestly inform you concerning the truth about Islam. The best way to do so is to ask two importantquestions: what is NOT Islam, and what IS Islam.