Monthly Archives: July 2004

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Why I Am a Christian

This would be a good book to give to a person who may be inquiring about the Christian faith, or maybe wanting answers to the meaning and purpose of life.


We must always be real. To cover ourselves with superficial expressions of piety or in other ways pretend that we are something that we are not is never appropriate.

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Listening to the Past, The Place of Tradition in Theology

Christians have a great legacy and we must have much respect for the past. This book reminds us of that importance of knowing, reading, and carefully studying the masters who have gone before us.Both pastors and teachers would benefit from this book.

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Three Dimensions of Leadership: Practical Insight of Management, Finance, and Boards, for Churches and Christian Organizations

Elders, deacons, Christian school boards, and other ministries will find much to glean from these154 pages. This would be a good study guide on what we call strategic faith planning. For an organization to be effective, including the church, the leaders need to have a plan with measurable goals and divisions of labor within the body.

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High-Tech Worship? Using Presentational Technology Wisely

Thinking of moving from atraditional worship style toacontemporary expression of worship? No matter where you or your church may come down on the use of technology,it would be a valuable exercise to read and discuss Schultze’s book with local leadership.

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Think Like Jesus: Make the Right Decisions Every Time

You will benefit from reading this book as you willfind value in using it as a text for adult study group and youth workers using it with their young people. What Barna deals with in this book is the bottom line of what kingdom discipleship is really all about.