Yearly Archives: 2004

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Mapping Postmodernism: A Survey of Christian Options

This bookis an in-depth reference book of history and ideas within the Christian framework and helps us navigate through the turbulent waters of the early 21st century with a better understanding of how to communicate God’s truth to today’s generation.

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Is It Right to Have Denominations?

We maintained that while the church is one, it is made up of many parts. On the basis of the “one and many” concept, we believed the existence of denominations did not nullify the oneness of the body. We must realize that it is the actions of the various parts of the body that determined the oneness of the church’s wit

The Truth About Islam

We have noticed a great confusion in the Church of Christ and in the country concerning the true nature ofIslam. We believe that it is our responsibilityto accurately, fairly, and honestly inform you concerning the truth about Islam. The best way to do so is to ask two importantquestions: what is NOT Islam, and what IS Islam.

What is Discipling?

What do you mean when you talk about making disciples? Or what is a disciple? These are questions asked of us on numerous occasions. These are reasonable questions because of the different connotations surrounding the concept of discipleship. The tendency is to respond simplistically by saying that everyone knows what a disciple is and what disciple making really involves.

Christian Education: A Blue Chip Ministry

ByAllen Curry. Most of all, the covenant calls us to relationship with God. So also should Christian education. The study and learning that goes on always should be to the end that we see that we are related to God through our Savior Jesus Christ. This is where our education has its distinctively Christian identity.

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Christianity in the Age of Terrorism

The book is very thought provoking. It is an easy read and could be an effective guide for a discussion group. It contains a good summary of the basics of Christianity and “the just war” theory. Terrorism is a new form of warfare, at least for those of us living in America. This reality places new challenges before us as Christians.

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Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions: A Kingdom Approach

Every pastor, every elder, every teacher, every parent, and every adult ought to put down whatever they are reading at present and read this instead. The church and its families must come together in a way that equips them to disciple the church’s children, and those not yet part of the church, with a kingdom view of discipleship.

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Stay the Course of Youth Ministry

This is a strong book to help those called by God to work with students, whether paid or volunteer, stay involved in youth ministry long-term. Pastors,associates, or assistants, will also find this book helpful. Seeing the mind and heart of a youth pastor will help them be able to relate to, or at least understand, the church’s youth workers in a better way.

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Unceasing Worship

A thought-provoking book on worship that will challenge the reader’s thinking and behavior. This book should be read and re-read by pastors, music directors, and music/worship leaders as well as elders.