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The Importance of Worldview

In reality you cannot separate ethics and technology. There are no dualistic sacred and secular realms in life. All of life is one. God has structured his reality to underscore the “unity of reality.” The danger of dualism is the temptation to believe that it is permissible for man to do whatever he is capable of doing. In other words, the ability to do something means that it is allowable to do. But, is that a proper line of reasoning, especially with the fine line between serving God and playing God?

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Leaders that Last: (How Covenant Friendships Can Help Pastors Thrive)

If you are a pastor, you need something in your life beyond your family and church to help you face the pressures, stresses, and difficulties of ministry. Follow the wise, practical counsel of Scripture and listen to the testimony of two Christian brothers who know the benefits of “covenant friendships.”

Why Bother Catechizing Our Children

By Brad Winstead. We have our covenant children for such a short time. Why not lay a permanent foundation of truth that will never leave them? We are wiring the house of the child’s mind and are waiting for the Holy Spirit to flick the switch translating the head knowledge to heart knowledge.

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Hurt: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers

Attention all parents, teachers, youth workers, pastors, and even grandparents! This book is for you. You cannot afford to miss the thesis of this book.Buy a copy, read it carefully and listen to the plea of the rising generation as you read through it. Have you heard them? Are you listening? They are asking for help and what they are getting is not the help they are begging for.

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Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport: Making Connections in Today’s World

This book is a must read for pastors, teachers, and anyone else who loves Calvinism and wants to communicate it to others. Those of us who genuinely love our Calvinistic theology are our own worst enemy because in our desire and enthusiasm we do not always use good judgment in how we communicate that truth to others.

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The Disciple Making Church

The book actually deals with how to move from a program driven church to a disciple-making one where true biblical discipleship can be done. A church involved in transforming discipleship will focus on the sovereignty of God and the lordship of Christ. That’s the key to effective disciple making.