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Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church

Our desire is to challenge and encourage Christians in leadership to know some of the issues in the church world. For example, one pastor of a sizeable church recently asked me, “What is this emerging church topic that I am beginning to hear about?” The reason for using this section of Equip for Ministry to review both books is because we have to carefully watch for the pendulum swing scenario. There are some good and valid things those within the emerging church movement are saying, and we need to hear and respond. However, as far as a paradigm, like postmodernism, there is so much missing that will make it a hollow movement and the younger generation, to whom it is trying to appeal, will question its value.

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Partnering With Parents in Youth Ministry

Partnering With Parents In Youth Ministry is a book that all youth workers, session members and youth ministry leadership teams should read. This strong, biblically healthy view of helping students and their families come to know Christ and grow in Christ could help churches across the country.

The Use of Knowledge

A head full of biblical data and doctrinal formulations mean little if they are not used by God to influence our behavior when confronted with obvious life-altering decisions. However, if the information isn’t there, it can’t be used. We’ve heard the message but for one reason or another it hasn’t changed us.

Educators vs. Indoctrinators

By Joel Belz. Modern state education, pretending to be valueless, is one of the greatest-and most monolithic-purveyors of a value system in all of human history. As such, while pretending to be open-minded, it is also one of the greatest indoctrinators in all of history. That’s what education does. In fact, the definitions of the two words highlight no radical distinctions. “Teaching,” “training,” and “instruction” are part of both education and indoctrination.

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Soul Searching, the Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers

Soul Searching deals with the place of religion in the life of the teenager. Let this book challenge you as parents and church leaders to evaluation what you are teaching the rising generation. More importantly, let it challenge you to examine your beliefs and practices and the teaching of the church.

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Talking About Good and Bad Without Getting Ugly, A Guide to Moral Persuasion

Today, to be tolerant and remain politically correct has come to mean that I cannot assume that you are wrong and I am right – we simply have different views and I must approve your views regardless of whether they are right or wrong. Adults should read this book. Students should carefully read it, and study groups can benefit from working through the eight chapters.

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Depression: A Stubborn Darkness

Thisis a book filled with hope and encouragement, whether you have experienced discouragement because of certain situations in life, or you know someone who has or is battling severe depression.