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Does Curriculum Make a Difference?

I am responding to two related questions below that focus on curriculum, the main topic in this edition of Equip for Ministry. One is what difference does it make what curriculum we use in our church? A second question has come from pastors who basically ask, why should I get involved in the curriculum used in the church? Several years ago in a random sampling, I found that only one-fourth of the pastors queried knew what curriculum was being used in their Sunday school.

How Should We Understand “Curriculum”? Part 1

We have all used the word curriculum, but not many really know what it means. To most it conveys the material we use. It comes from the Latin meaning “a race.” God’s curriculum, or race, for His children is that in the end we are more like His Son Jesus. What we generally refer to as curriculum is really a curriculum plan. When we use Great Commission’s material for, say, grade three, it is a segment of the overall race that will take a child through the third grade with specific experiences for that quarter and year.

Evaluating Your Sunday School Curriculum

By Dave Matthews. Part of the church’s responsibility of equipping teachers for a ministry in the church is to provide them with the proper curriculum… A major problem in churches today is choosing a curriculum that is biblically sound and faithful to a correct theological interpretation of Scripture-the redemptive-historical approach. Many churches, independent and denominational, use material that is broadly evangelical and user friendly without discernment of the curriculum’s focus.

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Esther and Ruth, Reformed Expository Commentary

The objective of this commentary series is to provide pastors, teachers and other Christians a narrative commentary on the books of the Bible. The commentaries are and will continue to be doctrinally Reformed and concentrate on the unifying theme of redemptive history.

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This Little Church Went to Market

An easy read but extremely challenging and thought provoking, especially as it addresses some of the forces and ideologies that are changing the church today. Things such as: marketing, entertainment, and therapy (psychology). The three forces mentioned above are influencing the church in definite and intentional ways and none of the three are found in Scripture, at least as they relate to the church.

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Postmodernism 101: A First Course for the Curious Christian

Here is a book that you will want to read, especially if you are trying to understand something of the postmodern world. The change in our culture is impacting every aspect of our lives, from private to public, religious and philosophical, to day to day living. While we are reminded that it is hard to identify our own worldview and be somewhat objective about our culture, we must put forth that effort or Christianity will never have the transforming influence on the world that God has in mind.

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An Essential Guide to Public Speaking

While this is a book about public speaking, it is also a book on good communication in general. You will find many helpful tools in speech preparation, implementation, and evaluation. While it focuses on public speaking, it actually talks about communication that touches each one of us.