Monthly Archives: November 2006

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Rapture Fiction and the Evangelical Crisis

What is evident from the sales of these books is that people are hungry to know what lies ahead, and knowing what lies ahead should lead us to living life now under the authority of our Lord. We need to be teaching our people to discern truth from error/fiction. Here is an area of great need and concern. This book can help.

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Same Lake, Different Boat: Coming Alongside People Touched by Disability

Same Lake, Different Boat reminds us that not all people are comfortable or at ease with the disabled, especially those with “cognitive disabilities,” therefore do not know how to relate to someone with a disability. This book will help you and challenge you to think more biblically about this ministry.

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The Daily Reading Bible, ESV

For those who want an accurate, readable, and reliable translation of the Bible, the ESV is our recommendation.