Monthly Archives: November 2007

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A Little Primer on Humble Apologetics

Apologetics is not simply about arguing or winning debates; it is about building relationships.Read this book. Whether apologetics is your calling or gift, reading this primer will bless your life and challenge your mind and heart.

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Church Is a Team Sport : A Championship Strategy for Doing Ministry Together

Church Is a Team Sport is encouraging, informative, instructional, and a testimony of God’s grace and transforming power. It is not about sensationalism. Rather, you see God glorified through a servant who was broken, experienced the transforming power of God in his life, and is now striving to be faithful and obedient to the Great Commission.

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The Empty Pew: Caring for Those Who Leave

This book is written for officers of the church, particularly the pastoral officers, ruling and teaching elders. Every section of the book has a “Points to Ponder” with very perceptive questions. It would do every Session good to discuss these in the context of their ministry.

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The Complete Gathered Gold

This is a valuable book. It contains quotes and statements on a variety of subjects such as atonement, death, happiness, love for others, praise, etc. This compilation isexcellent in quality and well worth keeping in your library.

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The IVP Introduction to the Bible

Here is a helpful book for new Christians, Bible teachers, and preachers. Of course to rightly interpret the Old Testament, as well as the New Testament, you must be aware of the cultural and historical setting of each book. This book will be extremely helpful to that end.

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The Book of Worship

The Book of Worship is an excellent resource for family or personal devotions. Its selected texts, hymns, and church calendar format are sure to bless you in your daily walk.