Monthly Archives: February 2008

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Truth With Love: The Apologetics of Francis Schaeffer

In this multifaceted 200 page book, Follis does a magnificent job of capturing Francis Schaeffer. While it focuses on the apologetics of Schaeffer, it is also a biography. Obviously, because it is about Schaeffer and his apologetics, it is also about his biblically Reformed theology and how he applied it to one of the most unique ministries of the twentieth century.

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Holman Treasury of Key Bible Words

It is so helpful to know that for those of us who did not excel with our Greek and Hebrew that there are many good reference works that explain the major words for us.

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A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs

Like many of you, the sound of books dealing with the period after the first century leaves me wanting, but here is a book that is quite helpful in researching the beliefs of the early church.