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2008 Women in the Church Love Gift: An Opprtunity to Touch Your Future

Since the founding of the PCA, the Women in the Church have played a vital role in supporting the ministries of the various committees and agencies. Each year, a Love Gift presentation has been prepared and made available from the Christian Education and Publications office highlighting the particular project for the year’s designated offering. Contributions are sent to CEP’s Love Gift Fund during the year and presented to the receiving agency or committee at the annual WIC Leadership Conference dinner.

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2008 Women in the Church Leadership Training Conference

As the PCA grows, so do the opportunities for women in the church! The annual equipping event Christian Education and Publications provides for women in the church is the Leadership Training Conference. It is thrilling to see the great interest and diversity of age and regions that mark the attendees. The focus of Leadership 2008 was “The Big Picture: Our Purpose and Privilege,” with women from twenty-six states and two Canadian provinces in attendance.

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Men’s Updates by Man in the Mirror, Inc.

A lot of press has been given to a recent Pew Research study showing that 44% of American adults “have left the faith of their childhood.” But that’s not really the whole story. 16% out of that 44% simply left one Protestant denomination for another, meaning only 28% of adults have left the faith of their childhood. Add to that that some of those 28% left atheism or other religions for Christianity, and the picture looks even brighter. So perhaps the best way to say it is, “72% of all American adults have stayed in the faith they were brought up in, including those who changed denominations within the Protestant Church.” Now it sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Children in Communion

What does this have to do with the church today? There is a big emphasis currently on “intergenerational worship,” but what does that mean? What place do children have in worship, other than feeling like ignored spectators? Communion can be one of those important times when a child can be made to feel a part of the service while being taught what it is all about.

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Renewing Minds: Serving Church and Society Through Christian Higher Education

The book is solidly biblical and theologically challenging. Its primary thrust is to challenge, equip, and prepare this generation not to isolate itself from the “secular” postmodern world; not to assimilate those teachings into the Christian agenda, but to engage this world with a distinctively Christian worldview.

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Calling Men to a Big Enough Vision

We must constantly strive to help men see that there is no greater mission than to be a part of God’s grand redemption of the cosmos, fighting Satan and his minions, being the first-fruits of the new creation, putting the values of the kingdom on display in our own lives, and invading every square inch of planet earth with the gospel of the kingdom of Christ!

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Truth With Love: The Apologetics of Francis Schaeffer

In this multifaceted 200 page book, Follis does a magnificent job of capturing Francis Schaeffer. While it focuses on the apologetics of Schaeffer, it is also a biography. Obviously, because it is about Schaeffer and his apologetics, it is also about his biblically Reformed theology and how he applied it to one of the most unique ministries of the twentieth century.