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You Can See it in Their Eyes Video

Making disciples of the next generation is the very heart of Christian Education and Publications. We believe our heart is in the right place. Read more and see the video and consider your opportunity to give to this ongoing ministry. View this video on by clicking the article title above.

Understanding The Church’s Role in Kingdom Education

Understanding the Kingdom of God and its relationship to the church are vitally and strategically important, especially at this time. Many problems, struggles, and divisions have stemmed from either an incorrect view or a misunderstanding or misapplication of the topic. Not only are mainline Protestant churches losing ground, so are the more evangelical churches.

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Justification, God’s Plan and Paul’s Vision

From time to time it is important to mention a book that is important and influential even though I have to disagree with its content.This is not an easy task because there are many good things that I have read and appreciated by the author even though Idisagree with him on a number of issues;justification being one. Read this book, carefully, discerningly, and with much caution.

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Making Kingdom Disciples: The Kingdom Framework, continued

R. J.: That’s a wonderful thing to have a framework or perspective from which to view tragedies like that, but some people would say, “I’m glad that works for you, but it doesn’t work for me.” What would you say to somebody like that? Charles: I would say try it. A French philosopher by the … Continued

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CEP Video Library Operating Procedures

Video Library Procedures Church annual membership fee — $175.00 This covers the use of all DVDs/videos. The only additional expense to you is return shipping charges. The reason for this very nominal membership fee is to insure the continued expansion of the library and its services. CDM will be able to purchase new DVDs/tapes. It … Continued

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Great Expectations and Gospel Realities — Part I

Howcan weget the younger generation of women to begin being involved and committed to women’s ministry in such a way that would bring older and younger into the same room, serving God for His glory, and building friendships with one another. After all, we need one another…but do we really understand one another?