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The One Year Make It Stick Devotions

We do not normally review children’s books, but once in a while one comes along that deserves special mention. Emmett Cooper (PCA) is a master at developing ways to help people remember, and this book has many such helps.

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The Certainty of the Faith: Apologetics in an Uncertain World

Here is a book that I would like to see serious minded Christians own, read, and study. I would like to see Sunday school classes and other small groups work through this book because the layout lends itself to that type of study. Richard Ramsay, a PCA teaching elder with a variety of experiences and ministries, has given us a primer on apologetics that is reader friendly.

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The Courage to Be Protestant: Truth-Lovers, Marketers, and Emergents in the Postmodern World

Wells has the gift of being insightful, intuitive, and wise in his understanding of Christianity and how it relates or does not relate to the present culture. With all the talk and writing about the emergents, postmodernists, and post-conservatives, Wells demonstrates how it is producing a kind of Protestantism, or even an evangelicalism, that is not standing firmly on a Scriptural foundation.

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Living at the Crossroads: An Introduction to Christian Worldview

The authors are committed to the task of doing what many good books on a Christian worldview fail to do, something that we believe is absolutely critical to the world and life view – keeping it connected with the kingdom of God. The book gives a good overall concept of an approach to Christian discipleship from a kingdom perspective.

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CEP’s Philosophy of Youth Ministries

Helping local churches develop their youth ministry is a top priority for CEP. We are encouraging youth leaders to network their resources and talents within their local presbyteries as well as making useful resources and materials available to local church youth workers.

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Discoveries of a Youth Pastor

There are certain lessons I have learned over the last decade and a half in youth ministry. I learned early on that taking students to play paintball really means open season on the youth pastor, and I learned that something always gets broken during a lock-in. I found out that playing youth group games in the sanctuary never ends well and that students seldom bring Bibles to church. I also realized that the most effective way to help students connect the dots between faith and life is having a youth group that worships together, prays for each other, and participates in missions experiences…

How We Teach and How They Learn, Part 1

Over the years I have gone to MANY teacher training workshops. What I found interesting is that most of them simply focused on expanding a teacher’s arsenal of methods. After many years of studying the subject of how we learn and process new information, I have discovered that when you lay out all these teaching methods, people will pick those that best fit with their own learning style. This means that we will pick those methods we are comfortable using, but these will not reach as many as three-fourths of our students whose learning style is different from ours.