2010 WIC Love Gift FAQs


2010 WIC Love Gift FAQs

Q: Who is the recipient of the 2010 WIC Love Gift?

A: MNA (Mission to North America) Special Needs Ministries. This outreach ministry of MNA was launched in 2007. Stephanie Hubach serves as MNA Special Needs Ministries Director.

Q: Is there anywhere I can watch the DVD online?

A: Of course! It IS the 21st century! It is posted on YouTube here.

Q: Where can I order my FREE copy of the DVD and FREE bulletin inserts?

A: You can order your DVD and bulletin inserts on the CEP Bookstore site here. Please try to coordinate with others in your congregation so that there is only one DVD ordered per church.

Q: Is there an information page on the 2010 WIC Love Gift that I can print off?

A: Yes! It is a two-sided paper called Love Gift Program Information. It provides great background on why Women in the Church sponsors the Love Gift each year, how to promote it, and what it will be used for in 2010.

Q: Is there a website I can go to where I can find everything I need to know in one place?

A: Better than that, there are TWO! CEP has a devoted webpage here. And MNA has a different webpage here.

Q: How can I find out what vehicles other churches are using to promote the WIC Love Gift? It seems silly to reinvent the wheel if other people already have great ideas.

A: Ah, so glad you asked. We just started an MNA Special Needs Ministries Facebook page. We’ve started a “Discussion” thread on this topic. Please feel free to contribute! (You can also “like us” while you’re there!)

Q: What if my church is interested in receiving one of the Gospel and Disability Educational Gift Packs that the 2010 WIC Love Gift funds will be underwriting? How do we get one?

A: We’re glad you’re planning ahead! Information will be going out in the Summer of 2011. There will be an online signup link on the MNA Special Needs Ministries website at that time. (www.pca-mna.org/specialneeds)

Q: When will Trainers from the “Train the Trainers” aspect of the Love Gift be available to visit and work with PCA churches?

A: You can get some support from MNA Special Needs Ministries right now…(see the Resources section of this newsletter). However, the 2010 WIC Love Gift will allow MNA Special Needs Ministries to greatly expand its services to provide a group of trainers who have 1) subject area expertise, and 2) have geographic proximity to where you live-making it easier to do face-to-face meetings. Most church consultations currently are done by email, phone and/or Skype with Steph Hubach. Trainers should become increasingly available to the denomination throughout 2011.

Q: What if our church is interested in acquiring a Luke 14 matching grant, once the Love Gift funds have been collected and are available? How would we go about doing that?

A: Starting in January 2012, there will be a simple grant proposal process in place. All the information you’ll need to apply for a Luke 14 Matching Grant will be available on the MNA Special Needs Ministries website. (www.pca-mna.org/specialneeds) The size of the Love Gift offering will affect how much grant money will be available. The Love Gift will first pay for Gospel and Disability Educational Gift Packs, then for “Train the Trainers” and any residual monies will be available for grants. Hopefully, that will be a significant amount!

Q: I’d like to learn more about the families and the churches featured on the 2010 WIC Love Gift DVD. How can I do that?

A: We thought you might ask us that… That’s why we’ve been posting “The Rest of the Story” on our website. So far, you can read Behind the Scenes: How the WIC Love Gift Video Was Made, meet The Smith Family, and meet Nada Ghattas. By early October, you will be able to read about Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church’s Sonbeams Ministry and Reformed Presbyterian Church’s Special Needs Ministry. More will follow each month.

Q: How much time do we have to give to the 2010 WIC Love Gift for MNA Special Needs Ministries?

A: The 2010 WIC Love Gift for MNA Special Needs Ministries can be collected through May 2011. May 2011 is the last month that donations can be accepted. Please note that there is always an overlap in the spring months between the end of one WIC Love Gift and the launching of another.

Q: How do I donate? Can I donate online?

A: Well, remember how I said this IS the 21st century? Well, we’re not that far into the 21st century yet, so online donations to the WIC Love Gift cannot be processed that way. All donations need to be made out/mailed to:

2010 WIC Love Gift

Women in the Church

Christian Education and Publications

1700 N. Brown Road, Suite 102

Lawrenceville, GA 30043

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