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How Then Should We Work?

Hugh Whelchel, Executive Director of the Reformed Theological Seminary campus in Washington D.C. This article is recommended by Gary Yagel as itlays the biblical foundation for work and explains why our current view of work has gotten off-track.

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The Church and Cultural Diversity

By Dwight Linton. Unity – based on sinful human beings’ desire to control their own destiny – was the goal of the builders of the tower of Babel in Genesis. Yet God saw that it would only result in manipulative uniformity, so He brought about the breakdown of communication by frustrating the project and causing the monolithic cultural group to split up and go their separate ways. This resulted in the development of the different cultural groups. Read more…

2010 Children’s Ministry Conference Survey

If you attended the 2010 National Children’s Ministry Conference at Simpsonwood in Atlanta, GA please let take a few minutes to fill out this survey to let us know how we can improve our conferences. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and we need your help to make our conference better!

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Souls in Transition, The Religious & Spiritual Lives of Emerging Adults

“Emerging Adults” is a label used to describe the 18-30 year olds and in this particular study it will focus on the 18-24 segment of that group.Religious leaders, including pastors, youth workers, teachers, andespecially parents, not to mention the academicians and cultural analysts will benefit significantly from this study.Young people themselves will also find this book unusually accurate and reliable in understanding themselves and their immediate peers.