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A Man’s Guide to Work

YOU WERE CREATED TO WORK, and you will feel most happy, most alive, and most useful when you are doing the work you were created to do. Unfortunately, over 50 percent of all workers are dissatisfied with their jobs. Do Christian men share this societal perspective?

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2010 Women in the Church Love Gift

From the earliest days of the PCA, women cared for and supported our new denomination through the annual Women in the Church Love Gift Offering. To date, $2,759,829have been given as God has used women in the church to love and support the ministries of the PCA.

The 2010 WIC Love Gift goes to MNA’s Special Needs Ministries. Click here to find out more about this year’s Love Gift.

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Is The Father Of Jesus The God Of Muhammad?

Though Islam in its Koran and other religious writings contain many references to Jesus, it does so only to see him as a prophet, a man like Muhammad. This is an important book for Christians, especially Christian leaders to read. Christians in the West and especially in North America need to be alert, with eyes opened, and informed minds as to why Islam is such a danger and threat to Christianity.

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Pocket Dictionary of Biblical Studies

Anothervolume in the InterVarsity Pocket Dictionary Series.Easy to use and generally not superficial as you might expect in a pocket type book.In the Biblical Studies volume you will find a definition of terms such as: syncretism, Noahic covenant, Dead Sea Scrolls, theophany, ecclesia, to name a few of the over 300 terms.

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Why Do You Think the Way You Do

Thankfully there are some within evangelical, and especially evangelical and reformed Christianity, that are waking up to the fact that Christianity is a religion not only concerned about a personal relationship with our triune God, but it is an entire way of life-that in being a Christian more is required than simply praying and witnessing to the saving work of Christ, important and central as those are.

Training Left Offensive Tackles for the PCA

By Ken Sande The recent hit movie, The Blind Side, provides a surprisingly vivid illustration of how a well-trained shepherd can serve as a “left offensive tackle” to guard a church and its families from crippling conflict… As everyone in the congregation develops skills and confidence in resolving differences in a biblical manner, the church and its families are far less likely to be blindsided by conflict.

How We Teach and How They Learn, Part 4 – The Imaginative Learner

Each learning style is asking a different question, and unless you as the teacher or preacher understand how to answer that question, you may not reach this learner. (These same learning styles characteristics are true of those sitting in the pews listening to sermons as well. So pastors, listen up.) The Imaginative learner is asking why – why do I need to know this? Convince him or her that what you have to say is important and you will have a willing listener.