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Small Group Based Student Ministry, continued

What Kind of Youth Group Could Benefit from a Small Group Centered Youth Ministry? A foundation of small groups is not ideal for all youth ministries. Some ministries do not experience any of the problems listed at the beginning of this article. Some larger youth ministries have extremely effective evangelistic large groups and effective small … Continued

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Small Group Based Student Ministry

By Zachary Bradley. While many churches have shifted to using the small group model for ministry, the one place where this fundamental shift has not taken root is in youth ministry. While most youth groups have a small group program of some kind, most have not fundamentally restructured the ministry so that small groups, rather than a large group gathering are the primary means of ministry […]

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Great Expectations and Gospel Realities – Part 2, continued

continued from page 1 In what ways do intergenerational relationships impact a women’s ministry? Intergenerational relationships within a women’s ministry provide diversity and strength. If we all looked alike and thought alike, what fun would there be in attempting to come up with a new theme or a new program or a new avenue of … Continued

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Great Expectations and Gospel Realities – Part 2

By Ashley Hall. In the last Resource Quarterly, Ashley Hall began setting the stage for us, as to why the conversation about intergenerational relationships is important. In this issue, we would like to continue the conversation with a few more specific questions about those relationships and their importance in women’s ministry.

Titus 2 Small Group Ministry Model

The Titus mandate was given to the pastor of the church. Paul instructed Titus to equip older women in the congregation for the ministry of training younger women. This discipleship is to take place within the context of sound doctrine and under ecclesiastical authority. The commitment, oversight and protection of church leadership are biblical and essential.