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Senior Week Starts September 12, 2010

Each year, CEP designates the Sunday after Labor Day as “Seniors’ Sunday.” It’s still not too late to plan an announcement recognizing that occasion at your services. The pastor might mention any of the many passages that command respect for seniors…

Kingdom Disciples: A Product of Covenant Faithfulness

The latest research reveals that 75% of the children raised in evangelical churches are leaving the faith. It appears that the church is hemorrhaging its covenant children out into the culture. Did Peter know something that we don’t when he preached, “For the promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off…”?

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Let Me Be a Woman

The phrase “let me be a woman” provocatively incites preconceived ideas of what kind of woman one is to be. The onslaught of feminist culture brazenly takes hold of our daughters and persuasively tells them, “Why shouldn’t you use your gifts and be rewarded? You deserve pleasure, prestige, money, and power!” Read more…

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Hidden Worldviews, Eight Cultural Stories That Shape Our Lives

Sanford and Wilkens have identified eightculturally oriented worldviews that subtly work their way into a Christian’s mind and heart thus impacting their daily lives and often without ever giving them a second thought. These hidden worldviews have the power to knock us off course in our Christian life and actually cause us to betray who we say we are and what we are supposed to stand for.

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Glory Road

Why are more Christians not Reformed in their theology? This volume is about contemporary Christians who are not ashamed to embrace Reformational Christianity;not only rare for American Christians today, but it is twice as rare for an African-American Christian.

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Sliding Down the Steep Slope Towards Pornography Addiction

Studies reveal that 50-65 % of Christian men have significant problems with pornography and the problem is getting worse. Because most of the men in our churches are not equipped to battle lust from a grace-centric perspective, thousands are sliding down the steep slope towards pornography addiction.