Yearly Archives: 2010

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The Jesus Storybook Bible

Why is everyone in children’s ministry so energized by this book? There are hundreds of children’s story Bibles. Read and see what makes this one special.

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Gospel-Powered Parenting

This book is being used in many of our churches as a tool for training parents in a small group setting.There have been thousands of books written on parenting but this one surely takes us to the heart of the problem.

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Republocrat, Confessions of a Liberal Conservative

The entire political scene in our country and throughout North America could not be more uncertain, divisive, and fragmented. We need a clear Christian perspective on the political philosophy and its application.

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ReChurch – Healing Your Way Back to the People of God

By Allan McLean. Not only does God tell us what his Church looks like and how majestic and glorious it is, he tells us what we look like and the potential that resides in all of us, both good and bad. Every pastor and ruling elder if not every member of the church should read this book.

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Dory, Optical Illusions, and the 2010 WIC Love Gift

By Steph Hubach. Over the years, our family has established a funny pattern of associating different people we know with characters in movies that we watch. This all started with my youngest son Tim, who has Down syndrome. When he was little, as a movie progressed, we’d all wait for him to identity the “who’s who” of that particular film…