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Francis Schaeffer, A Mind and Heart for God

This book is about Francis Schaeffer. It is probably the best book I have read and could recommend to anyone wanting to know more about Schaeffer. It is concise and to the point.

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The Elder. Today’s Ministry Rooted in All of Scripture

This book will serve professors, students, pastors, and laymen well in their understanding and application of what it means to be a servant leader elder in the Church of Jesus Christ. This book will be an exceedingly valuable tool for all who are serious about the ordinary means of grace ministry described and prescribed in Scripture.

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Liberating Black Theology, The Bible and the Black Experience in America

With the things going on in the United States today politically, as well as theologically, this book is needed to help not only black America but each of us to know how to think, assess, and conclude with an understanding of biblical Christianity and the orthodox faith. In dealing with the black’s circumstances and trying to apply the Neo-Orthodox/liberal Marxist scenario, the problems are simply proliferated because it ultimately addresses the wrong issues today.

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Deep Church: A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional

A primer on the ongoing and growing divide between the traditional church and the emerging church. Belcher writes in a gracious, winsome, pastoral style and draws you in to his desire to find common ground between the two camps.

Bioethics and the Christian Life, A Guide to Making Difficult Decisions

In a day in which we have bought into the idea that if we can do something then it is right to do it. This is being applied to areas that relate to the sanctity of life and Christians need to know how to think biblically and clearly about those issues. We have often allowed secularism to determine our conclusion about life challenging issues and not been equipped to object.

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Small Group Based Student Ministry, continued

What Kind of Youth Group Could Benefit from a Small Group Centered Youth Ministry? A foundation of small groups is not ideal for all youth ministries. Some ministries do not experience any of the problems listed at the beginning of this article. Some larger youth ministries have extremely effective evangelistic large groups and effective small … Continued

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Small Group Based Student Ministry

By Zachary Bradley. While many churches have shifted to using the small group model for ministry, the one place where this fundamental shift has not taken root is in youth ministry. While most youth groups have a small group program of some kind, most have not fundamentally restructured the ministry so that small groups, rather than a large group gathering are the primary means of ministry […]