2011 WIC Love Gift – Covenant Theological Seminary

2011 WIC LOVE GIFT DVD-Covenant Theological Seminary

WIC Love Gift

Publisher: Covenant Theological Seminary

Item #: 8436


5 minutes long.

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Also available are free bulletin inserts.

Shaping a Community of Grace Today for a Stronger Church Tomorrow

Fully equipping pastors to face today’s ministry challenges means going beyond mere classroom training. Covenant Seminary aims to engage the whole person-as well as the whole family-by continuing to shape a vibrant community of faith in which future church leaders can experience firsthand the life of grace they are called to embody. The Seminary seeks to encourage such growth in grace by enhancing the campus environment through needed updates and improvements to two key community gathering spaces: the Edwards Hall Community Center and Rayburn Chapel. The financial support and prayerful partnership of our PCA churches is essential to the success of this Kingdom-building endeavor.

Community Center Improvements-Estimated Cost: $1,500,000

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