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The Next Christians, How a New Generation is Restoring the Faith

The Next Christians is a book that church leaders and teachers ought to read. Whether or not you share Gabe Lyons’ cultural analysis and optimism regarding the future of Christianity, this book will help you understand what is happening, especially among the rising generation.It is a power packed easy read.

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Justification, Being Made Right With God

In light of thebook The New Perspectives of Paul, if you would like to read a briefer treatise on the topic and better understand the doctrine of justification and how it impacts our Christian life then Justification, Being Made Right With God is the book to read.

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A Faith of Their Own, Stability and Change in the Religiosity of America’s Adolescents

Christian Smith concluded that while contrary to popular opinion that young people were turned off to religion, they were actually quite religious; however he described their religion as “moralistic therapeutic deism.”The authors, in pursuing their research, underscore the importance of listening to and then responding to the teenagers’ thoughts about religion.

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Gospel Clarity, Challenging The New Perspective On Paul

Not only do the authors do an outstanding job of explaining the weaknesses and errors of Wright’s thinking on Paul, known as the new perspectives, the doctrine of justification by faith is presented in a clear and challenging manner. Read this book!Study this book! Discuss in your church and small groups.