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Generation Ex-Christian

This book deals with those who are turning away from the church, and in many cases are turning away from God. They are not only leaving the church, they claim to be leaving the faith.This emerging generation of young adults is steeped in the street version of postmodernism. They actually believe that truth is whatever an individual wants it to be.

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America’s Four Gods, What We Say About God–& What That Says About Us

You will want to read this book, including the actual study set forth in the book.We could be talking about God in several different ways thus not communicating clearly and not building an understanding of who he says he is and not understanding the person or people with whom we are speaking.

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Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture

Our biblical worldview is sustained by understanding biblical truths and applying these truths to everyday life. The editors of Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture bring together doctrine and current issues shedding light on how we respond to cultural challenges.