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Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault on Mind, Morals, & Meaning

After showing the impact and results of secularism and its dualistic approach to life in the area of art, movies, and culture in general, Pearceyreminds us of the challenge for Christians, people of the truth, who see Christianity as a total truth system, a way of life, a world view from a kingdom perspective, we must see ourselves as missionaries to our own cultue. Of course the church plays a major role in equipping people to live with a total Christian worldview.

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Abraham Kuyper: A Short and Personal Introduction

The fall does not take man out of the world, but requires that as new creatures in Christ that he go into the world. This bookwill strengthen, broaden, and helpequip you with a world and life view and with a kingdom of God perspective. By the way, it is a good book to use in a small group setting. Much fruit will grow from that tree.

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Living in God’s Two Kingdoms

We believe the church’s role is to live redemptively in the kingdom, and while it has not been assigned the responsibility to transform culture, as salt and light, there will be a strong Christian witness as Christians live as kingdom disciples.If you will read this book from the perspective that the church is part of the kingdom, while not synonymous with the kingdom nor removed from it, but understand the “spiritual mission” of the church within the kingdom, you will find much to feed on in these pages.

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Politics According to the Bible

How can and should a Christian seek to influence government and what are the biblical principles concerning government?Christians need to know that God cannot be left out of or separated from any area of life, especially the political. What does a Christian need to know and do in such a circumstance to think clearly about politics from a biblical perspective?

You Were Made to Last Forever

You Were Made to Last Forever is an effective method for sharing the Faith with people. PCA Teaching Elder Dick Fisher has developed a number of resources that you can access easily and effectively. This program is being used effectively in a number of different settings. It is a useable resource that will enable you to better present the Gospel.

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A wrong paradigm of the church and the kingdom of God

A wrong paradigm of the church and the kingdom of God There is much confusion and misunderstanding about God, truth, Christianity, the church and the broader kingdom. Consequently, growing out of that confusion, we have shortchanged those things. We have gone to several extremes such as: truth is for the church and the church’s role … Continued

The Kingdom Misunderstood, Part 1

I begin by introducing you to Bill and Mary Wright. Bill is a 34 year old husband and father of two children, Terry 10 and Susan 7. Mary is a stay at home mom and has home schooled her children for a couple years, though they are presently attending a Christian school that meets in their church. Bill and Mary are active church members and clearly demonstrate a love for the Lord that is obvious to others.