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The Masculine Mandate: God’s Calling to Men

Postmodernity is peddling a disastrously feminized view of masculinity, surrendering men’s God-given roles to women and exalting a monosexualism that flies directly in the face of God’s purposes for creation. There is a crying need in the church today to recover a biblical view of manhood. But we must be certain that our vision of what a man is called to be is reached through sound exegesis of the texts relating to masculinity. Phillips’ excellent book provides that exegesis.

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Presenting Christ to Children, Page 2

Repentance is the other side of faith: The basic idea of repentance is to stop moving in one direction and begin moving in another. 1. Children who are raised in nurturing Christian families and churches, and who respond to Christ at an early age, may as adults look back and wonder, from what, if anything, … Continued

Presenting Christ to Children

Making disciples and assisting parents to disciple their children is the long term task of the church’s ministry. Discipleship is more than eliciting a profession of faith and teaching Bible stories; it is helping children understand what it means to love God, and to love others with the prayer that God will make Himself known to them and bring them to Himself.

How We Teach and How They Learn, Part 9 – Learning Styles, Culture, and Denominations

In every culture, all four learning styles exist. However, not all cultures fit the same learning style(s). Let me explain. We live in a Western culture. The characteristics of Western thinking are that we like things to be done in a logical, sequential, and time-honoring way. When we teach something like Church History, we make sure we start from the very beginning and work straight through to today.

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Preventing Burnout

I have been in youth ministry long enough to know that arguing with your senior pastor in a public setting does not bode well for personal job security. Yet, for a mind boggling thirty minutes I was doing just that at a recent staff retreat. Oblivious to the obvious discomfort of the other staff, I plowed ahead as if the fate of the free world hinged on me winning this argument…

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Bible Study: Following the Ways of the Word

In preparation for writing this kingdom tool, the author included friends in ministry throughout the world to have a voice in sharing valued perspectives, challenges, and clarification as we think through exactly what we are doing in Bible study. This equipping tool should be in the hands of men and women who hunger and thirst for the Word of God in their own lives and who desire to faithfully pass on its truths to succeeding generations.

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Generation Ex-Christian

This book deals with those who are turning away from the church, and in many cases are turning away from God. They are not only leaving the church, they claim to be leaving the faith.This emerging generation of young adults is steeped in the street version of postmodernism. They actually believe that truth is whatever an individual wants it to be.

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America’s Four Gods, What We Say About God–& What That Says About Us

You will want to read this book, including the actual study set forth in the book.We could be talking about God in several different ways thus not communicating clearly and not building an understanding of who he says he is and not understanding the person or people with whom we are speaking.