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Defending Inerrancy, Affirming the Accuracy of Scripture for a New Generation

This book is important today because there is confusion, disagreement, and contradictions within the evangelical world on the Orthodox view of inerrancy. It contains three parts. part one deals with the History of the Inerrancy Controversy; part two deals with the Recent Challenges to Inerrancy; part three focuses on the Reexamination of Inerrancy.

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The Creedal Imperative

This book seeks to underscore the truth that creeds and confessions are not only needed as checkpoints, not only to enable us to express our beliefs, but also to keep us from misunderstanding God’s truth in our day.

The Body of Christ: The Next Generations

In Making Kingdom Disciples: A New Framework, we point out that Calvin’s emphasis regarding making disciples begins at the earliest stages of a covenant person’s life. The sooner we begin to self-consciously disciple our covenant children, the easier it will be for them to see themselves as covenant children belonging to God’s kingdom and that being a Christian is not only about going to church, or personally believing in Jesus, or reading or hearing the Bible, but every day of the week in all things we are to live for Christ.

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The teens in your church are total Bible experts, right?

The latest survey data says that 85% of American homes have a Bible in them-and, on average, each home has 4.5 Bibles. Let’s do the math: 85% of 311 million American homes is about 264 million … times 4.5 Bibles per home …. That is 1,189,575,000 Bibles in America. And that doesn’t even count the ones online, on phones, in stores, etc…

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As Good As It Gets

Clark presents his commentary in the form of daily devotions, breaking the song into fifty days of guiding us through human emotions we face in life and relationships. The author speaks of the beauty and passion found in the pages while seeking to discover the meaning it has for all of life.

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Giving Up Gimmicks: Reclaiming Youth Ministry From An Entertainment Culture

“The aim of this book has been to offer a plea for youth pastors, youth leaders, and parents to reclaim or (possibly) to discover a model of youth ministry focused on the Word of God, prayer, sacraments, service and grace-centered community.”Interspersed throughout the book are real life youth ministry examples and practical applications for the youth program in your church.

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True Enlightenment, From Natural Chance to Personal Creator

This first of a two volume set should be on the reading list of every Christian, especially living at a time when modern science, while having accomplished good things, operates from a humanistic philosophy that has taken it away from the truth of God in many many instances. Written well, and very readable, it covers a great amount of material that will serve as an invaluable resource.

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Salvation Belongs To The Lord

While Salvation Belongs to The Lord is unique as it challenges those engaged in full-time teaching and preaching, it is very readable for others in the church. It is an introduction to systematic theology. Before you disregard it as just another theology book, remember from Frame’s other books, he views theology as life and life as theology.