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My Final Challenge to Our Readers

The PCA formed under the banner “the continuing church,” because the desire was to have a church committed unapologetically and without the least hesitation to the truth of God revealed in his Word and as defined by our Westminster Standards. If there is one thing the founders of the PCA intentionally desired in seeking to glorify our triune God, it was and has been that the Scriptures will maintain the high place in our practice that they hold in our doctrinal standards.

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From the Editor of Equip – Goodbye to Our Readers

For the past 17 years, Equip to Disciple, formerly Equip for Ministry, has attempted to keep you up to date regarding the training and resources ministryof Christian Education and Publications. We have included information related toCEP’s ministry throughout the church such as conference training and resources.We have attempted to bring to you some of the books that we have felt are mostimportant especially for the leader’s awareness.