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June 17, 2013 In the summer before her 12th birthday, my daughter joined a swim team for the first time. It was a new beginning. Though she knew the basics, she had never learned all of the different strokes, so the first day of practice was very difficult. After 15 minutes, she wanted to quit: … Continued

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Parenting Resources

Gospel Powered Parenting William P. Farley Not your everyday book on parenting, Gospel-Powered Parenting is a practical guide to parenting that highlights the differences the Gospel makes in the lives of parents as much as it does about parenting techniques. Farley talks about the spiritual basis of parenting, a subject most books ignore. Table of … Continued

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2013 Women’s Love Gift: Ridge Haven

2013 Women’s Love Gift: Ridge Haven

Starting in 1974, women in the PCA have supported an annual love gift to promote denominational connectionalism and demonstrate our corporate helper-design as women in the church. The money is raised in various ways such as donations, fundraisers, etc. The Women's Love Gift has blessed committees and agencies such as MNA's Special Needs Ministries, MTW's … Continued