First Quarter 2008 Book Review
Holman Treasury of Key Bible Words
Eugene Carpenter & Philip Comfort, Homan, 2000, 439 pages, $11.99 (#8931)

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Expository Dictionary of Key Bible Words
Stephen Renn, ed., Hendrickson Publishers, 2005, 1171 pages with
CD Rom, $15.00 SALE, $29.95 retail (#8932)

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It is so helpful to know that for those of us who did not excel with our Greek and Hebrew that there are many good reference works that explain the major words for us. Here are two very good works that deal with both the Hebrew and the Greek.

The Holman work splits the book in half and separates the studies. There are 200 Hebrew and 200 Greek words defined - one page each. They are clear and plainly explained.

Renn’s work is much more extensive. One of the benefits in this book is whenever an English word has both Hebrew and Greek equivalents, they are dealt with at the same time showing all the different meanings and nuances. There is a note section that “explain[s] how the theme, concept, or doctrine shaped by the Hebrew terminology is fulfilled in the Greek vocabulary of the New Testament, especially in relation to the consummation of God’s plan of salvation.” Hendrickson Publishers also includes the entire work on CD Rom for even faster reference and the ability to cut and paste into your sermon, teaching notes, or documents. There are many more works on this CD, such as commentaries and dictionaries. The price is also very good compared to many reference works that cost more than $40.

Both books work from the English word, which helps those of us who are rusty in Hebrew and Greek, and they are keyed to Strong’s revised numbering system. For example, if you look up the word “know” you will find the Hebrew usage; but you will also find the two major Greek words and how they differ. If you have never seen the difference you need to look this one up – quickly!

— Dennis Bennett, Coordinator of Training and Resources

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