Video Library Agreement


The _____________________________ Church/Institution hereby accepts membership in the Christian Education Video Library and agrees to the following terms:

1) a. Video tapes borrowed by churches from the library will be used only at church functions / home Bible study groups.

b. Video tapes borrowed by institutions (other than churches) will be used only for study/teaching groups.

2) Upon special request only can tapes be loaned out for private home viewing.

3) Tapes will be returned or forwarded according to mailing instructions received from Christian Education and Publications.

4) Church/Institution will cover any expenses for damage to tapes incurred while in our possession other than through mailing/shipping.

5) Church/Institution will honor the copyright laws regarding the duplication and use of tapes.

6) Church/Institution will automatically be invoiced for each subsequent year’s membership one month prior to the church’s expiration date. The church/institution may cancel the subsequent year’s membership by returning the invoice marked cancel within 30 days of the invoice date.

7) Overdue policy: Fees will start to accrue 15 days after the scheduled return date. $10.00 plus $1.00 per business day.

I am familiar with the VIDEO LIBRARY procedures as described on the web site and I agree to abide by all of the specifics listed above. I am aware that it is my responsibility to inform any other person using the VIDEO LIBRARY privileges under our membership of the above restrictions and the written procedures.

Pastor’s/Director’s Signature                                            Date                        Phone

Contact Person (Please Print)                                                        Daytime Phone

Church/Institution Name

(Mailing Address/City/State/Zip)

(e-mail Address)

(Shipping Address –– Include Street Name for UPS Shipment/City/State/Zip)

Enclosed is our annual membership fee in the amount of $ _____________ 
for the Christian Education Video Library.

Video Library, Christian Education & Publications,
1700 North Brown Road, Lawrenceville, GA 30043