A Suggested Three Year Curriculum for Adult Sunday School

A Suggested Three Year Curriculum

for Adult Sunday School

CEP has developed a suggested three year curriculum for your adult Sunday school or other discipleship group instruction setting. The curriculum recommends book studies which cover Bible, Doctrine and Christian Living. The curriculum chart further breaks down the recommendations based on the level of spiritual maturity of the participants as indicated below.

Level of Spiritual Maturity
A – Evangelistic Outreach
Target Non-believers who are intrigued by and initially responsive to the claims of Christ.
Content Basics of the gospel via Bible study.
Objective To lead people to a personal relationship with Jesus.
B & C – Nurturing Young Believers
Target New and maturing Christians who are in the beginning stages of growth in Christ.
Content Foundational study of the Bible, doctrine, and how to live the Christian life.
Objective Elementary knowledge of the Bible, doctrine, Christian disciplines, Presbyterian/Reformed, and commitment to the church.
D & E – Mature Believers Learning to Minister
Target Spiritually maturing and desiring deeper study.
Content Deeper exposure to the Bible, tenets of Reformed doctrine, worldview development, instruction in discipling/ evangelism/training.
Objective Advanced study of the Bible, Reformed theology, and the church. Also active training on how to be involved in the church’s work of discipleship.
F – Training New and Existing Leaders
Target Mature believers showing gifts and readiness for leadership in the church.
Content Advanced courses in theology, ministry planning and organization, skill development.

Equipping for leadership, church office, and other ministry leadership needs.


All included resources can be provided for you and your congregation by the CEP Bookstore. For further assistance in choosing a particular book-study or to place an order, contact the CEP Bookstore at 800.283.1357 or visit our website, www.cepbookstore.comHint: Use the “Search” box and type all or a portion of the book title

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