Amazing Grace 360 – An Invitation from Susan Phillis

Amazing Grace 360

To help ignite enthusiasm, we have included an Amazing Grace360 announcement in a local PCAchuch. Ahusband and wife team were asked to share with their congregation why this conference is important and to share some of the spiritual benefits they have expereinced – it is worth the read!!!

A Husband’s Remarks: I think of this conference – and any other Susan has attended – as an installment in Extreme Makeover Kingdom Edition. When Susan comes back she is all the more excited about the Savior and extending His kingdom. She is more beautiful to Jesus – and more beautiful to me – and it is all the sweeter to be with her. This is part of my responsibility in fulfilling Ephesians 5 to Susan – to prepare her as a beautiful bride for Christ. Gentlemen – I urge you urge your wives to attend. And be the husband and father at home that enables this to happen.

~Jim Phillis, Teaching Elder

Ladies – pack your weekend bag – because something exciting is happening!

This fall there is a perfect opportunity for you to attend a weekend planned just for you – a woman in the church. Amazing Grace 360 is thePCA’s International Women’s Conference, to be held October 7-9, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.

I love this title! It tells us the weekend has a great purpose – to take “agrand and glorious look at the grace of God….whole gospel, whole life, whole world”.

I know…you are busy and you have children to care for and a weekend away is a hardship at times and really, why should you give up three days for this event?

Because you will reap eternal benefits. And if that’s not enough –

*You will hear from speakers Nancy Guthrie and Brian Habig (pastor of Downtown Pres. Church in Greenville, SC).

*We will worship with Laura Story (“Indescribable”) and Indelible Grace.

*There will be workshops with teaching topics ranging from singleness to parenting, from peacemaking to bioethics.

You will see “Faces of Grace” as we celebrate God’s faithfulness in the lives of ordinary women in the PCA – just like you and me!

The Friday pre-conference offers an opportunity to slow your pace, prepare your heart, and gain perspective as we head into the Friday night session of Amazing Grace 360.

And honestly – sometimes we need an organized event to allow us to reflect on God’s grace in our lives. You need make no apologies for taking time for this eternal investment.

Personally, I am going to this conference to:

  • get a glimpse of God’s kingdom here on earth
  • re-energize my calling as a daughter of the king
  • be encouraged by fellowship with women who have invested in my life – that I may invest in the next generation.

Come with me! Bring a friend. This conference is for women ages 13 and older. It is the perfect venue to build a relationship with an old friend, or start a new one!

Join us as we share with each other “not only the gospel of God but our lives as well” (1 Thess 2:8).

~Susan Phillis

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