An Important Job

You’re important. Important to the Kingdom.

But someone says, “I just teach a Sunday school class for two-year-olds.”

Our grandson, who just turned three, tells me “I know Jesus loves me.” I can’t say what’s in his mind when he says that but he’s beginning to get the heart of the Christian message.

No matter how sophisticated our formulations of the faith become, it all comes back to this simple realization. “Jesus loves me, this I know for the Bible tells me so.” Could we say “all I needed to know I learned in Sunday school when I was two?”

It’s not hard for me to imagine that little grandson being a stinker in a few years. This grandfather certainly was. I made most of my teachers miserable.

You’re trying to teach fourth grade boys and it seems like you’re hitting your head against a wall. How long do you put up with that before you say, “enough is enough?” God’s got his hand on some of those boys and he’s given you the great privilege of helping to shape them into the men they will become.

Every person in God’s family is important. There are no “little” people.

Those God has called to teach in the church have been given the responsibility to pass the faith on to the next generation. But the next generation isn’t learning and then they don’t know about Jesus’ love, or what they know is void of Christian content. So to say you teach a class in Sunday school, hear verses in Pioneer Clubs, do projects in Vacation Bible School or become a pal to some child-says that you have been given an incredibly important job.

Never take it lightly. But relax and enjoy yourself. Watch God at work.

Bob knows training! He has conducted hundreds of seminars across the country as Training Coordinator for CEP. He trains others to do the work of training. His experience is surpassed only by his concern for those struggling with the load that they carry as workers in the kingdom. Bob is a graduate of Covenant College and Westminster Theological Seminary.

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