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hopingHoping for Something Better, by Nancy Guthrie

Review by Jean Bronson

On a Saturday morning in October I sent this email to the ladies serving as discussion leaders in our church. The subject line read a revival in my kitchen.

Hi Girls –

Bill’s at the men’s retreat and I’ve been sitting in my kitchen alone, in the quiet, working on this week’s lesson. This morning it’s just been Hebrews 8-10, Nancy Guthrie’s questions, and me. I know all of you don’t have quiet kitchens, especially on Saturday mornings. (You will. That day will come soon enough and you’ll be sad when it does.) But I want to encourage you to take time this week to linger in the lesson,not because you’ll be a better leader as a result of it, but because you’ll love Jesus more.

That’s all for now.

Jean Bronson

Coordinator of Women’s Ministries & Assimilation

The Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church

That email pretty much sums up my feelings for that particular week’s study as well as the other nine.

It should be easy, but most of the time, unfortunately, it’s not. I’m speaking of finding good Bible study curriculum, the kind that has questions that guide women deeper into the Word allowing them greater understanding of our magnificent Lord, a study that includes commentary that speaks the truth and touches the heart. So when you find one, you feel like you’ve unearthed a treasure.

This year it’s been our privilege at Kirk of the Hills to discover Nancy Guthrie’s book, Hoping for Something Better, and I think it’s been one of our most successful years. How do I measure success when I can’t look into a heart and see what Jesus is doing? I measure it this way: more women attending Bible study, more lessons prepared, more in-depth conversation, more transparency, more consistent attendance, more ladies bringing friends – even taking a risk by inviting unchurched friends!

To be quite frank I’m a little concerned about Bible studies to follow – will these 125 women who have been attending be content with our next choice of Bible study curriculum? Will they be as engaged? Will they hang in there? Will we see “success” again? I shared that with a friend who sweetly reminded me not to worry because she’s never been to a real Bible study where Jesus hasn’t shown up (and I muttered to myself . . . “Whoops!”). I guess I needed to be reminded.

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