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Keeping the Church Front and Center

The subject of the church has been on our hearts lately for several reasons. It appears that for some, the church is not viewed as the bride of Christ and given the place it deserves within the Christian faith. The famous saying of John Calvin, “He who has God for his father, will have the church for his mother,” is not taken very seriously nor is the strategic place of the church in God’s design. This is especially true today.

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Breaking the Idols of Your Heart: How to Navigate the Temptations of Life

Breaking the Idols of Your Heart is a unique approach to an important Bible book. We want to encourage our readers to read and study Ecclesiastes. It is a world and life view book that enables us to understand the importance of a biblically Reformed world view and how to distinguish non-Christian thinking “under the sun,” to Christian thinking “above the sun.”

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Praying at Burger King

Praying at Burger King is a collection of brief, thought-provoking essays that are written for the purpose of challenging us to think how we can apply our Christian faith and witness in everyday situations.

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Simple Church: Returning to God’s Process for Making Disciples

This bookfocuses on transformational discipleship. That’s what the church is all about, not programs or schedules, but being intentional in every phase of the church’s life in its objective. The book challenges us to think about what we are doing, whether it is in ministering to the rising generation or church life in general.

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Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce

Amazing Grace is a book that every Christian should read. It is an easy read that captures the heart and mind of the William Wilberforce, who led Great Britain to finally make buying, selling, and owning slaves illegal. While this book is an easy read, it is powerfully challenging.

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A Deep Ministry in a Shallow World: Not-so Secret Findings About Youth Ministry

This is a deeper view of the kingdom of God that says following Jesus means more than sin management. It says that the kingdom of God means we’re active in trying to serve and improve families, schools, and the entire community. He goes on to develop the challenge that to reach today’s youth, we can no longer have success simply using an “add water and stir” approach.

Sunday School With a Purpose and Plan

To have a disciple making Sunday school, your teachers must teach the Bible from the kingdom perspective with a definite plan to encourage the spiritual growth of the students. The process of making disciples begins with God’s covenant children at their baptism, assuming they received the sacramental sign of baptism near birth.

Elders, Executives or Servants?

The question we are often asked in a variety of ways has to do with the role and function of leaders in the body of Christ, the church, and more broadly, in the kingdom. The question usually asked is, “Who are leaders and what are their performance expectations?”