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How Should We Then Live? The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture

This book is written in the hope that this generation may turn from the greatest of wickedness, the placing of any created thing in the place of the Creator. As kingdom disciples, we must not only understand the Word, we must understand the world, if we are to communicate the truth to our generation.

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The Kingdom of Christ, the New Evangelical Perspective

This is a good book to help us understand where both liberalism and dispensationalism went awry and how the reformed covenantalists stand in the gap and keep the balance while respecting the role of the church today.

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God, Marriage and Family, Rebuilding the Biblical Foundation

If you are a pastor or a counselor, or a Christian wanting to understand what the Bible says about family and marriage, you will want to read this book and keep it as a reference. I recommend it as the best single source on the topic.

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God is the Issue: Recapturing the Cultural Initiative

This book will appeal to church leaders, family leaders, and individuals, especially the rising generation. He echoes the idea that our focus should be on a behavior that grows out of knowing God because that is the issue. Our impact on the world around us will only come as we focus on the real issue–God.

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The Importance of Worldview

In reality you cannot separate ethics and technology. There are no dualistic sacred and secular realms in life. All of life is one. God has structured his reality to underscore the “unity of reality.” The danger of dualism is the temptation to believe that it is permissible for man to do whatever he is capable of doing. In other words, the ability to do something means that it is allowable to do. But, is that a proper line of reasoning, especially with the fine line between serving God and playing God?

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Hurt: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers

Attention all parents, teachers, youth workers, pastors, and even grandparents! This book is for you. You cannot afford to miss the thesis of this book.Buy a copy, read it carefully and listen to the plea of the rising generation as you read through it. Have you heard them? Are you listening? They are asking for help and what they are getting is not the help they are begging for.