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Relevant Roots

One role of education, particularly biblically reformed Christian education, is to link together the past and present. Recognizing this link is important in order to understand where we are today. We cannot do that in isolation from the past.

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Going Where the World is Growing

New York is the home of the Empire State building, the Statue of Liberty, the United Nations, Wall Street as well as a radio and television center of the world. The city contains five boroughs – the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Diversity of cultures and peoples is the trademark of that megapolis. What in the world could a small denomination like the PCA have to offer such a vast population?

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New church growth is a major part of the PCA’s strategy. But is it worth the energy, resources and sacrifice to plant churches? Given all the other factors in the PCA, that has to be a legitimate question to answer.