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Easter Celebration ’89

Paul says that just as Jesus’ death had global ramifications so does His resurrection from the grave. Both the crucifixion and the resurrection are the highlights of Christ’s great redemptive drama enacted for our salvation. Both events remind us that Christianity is a missionary religion.

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The Church’s Vital Ministry

Unless the church is ministering the Word in the context of meeting people’s needs, the church is not really ministering effectively. If the church is not doing that, then the church is not growing.

Developing a Christian Mind

Obviously education is aimed at people. It is doing something to them and with them in such a way that certain things will result – knowledge, skills and values. If the PCA is going to have the long-range impact on the world that I believe God wants us to have, we not only have to call men to faith in Christ and repentance of sin, but we also have to be discipled to have a Christian mind.

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The PCA: Past, Present, and Future

The PCA is a microcosm of what the Bible describes as a body with unity and diversity. At times the diversity has seemed to overshadow the unity; yet our denomination continues to grow and expand.