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Bioethics and the Christian Life, A Guide to Making Difficult Decisions

In a day in which we have bought into the idea that if we can do something then it is right to do it. This is being applied to areas that relate to the sanctity of life and Christians need to know how to think biblically and clearly about those issues. We have often allowed secularism to determine our conclusion about life challenging issues and not been equipped to object.

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Is The Father Of Jesus The God Of Muhammad?

Though Islam in its Koran and other religious writings contain many references to Jesus, it does so only to see him as a prophet, a man like Muhammad. This is an important book for Christians, especially Christian leaders to read. Christians in the West and especially in North America need to be alert, with eyes opened, and informed minds as to why Islam is such a danger and threat to Christianity.

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Pocket Dictionary of Biblical Studies

Anothervolume in the InterVarsity Pocket Dictionary Series.Easy to use and generally not superficial as you might expect in a pocket type book.In the Biblical Studies volume you will find a definition of terms such as: syncretism, Noahic covenant, Dead Sea Scrolls, theophany, ecclesia, to name a few of the over 300 terms.

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Why Do You Think the Way You Do

Thankfully there are some within evangelical, and especially evangelical and reformed Christianity, that are waking up to the fact that Christianity is a religion not only concerned about a personal relationship with our triune God, but it is an entire way of life-that in being a Christian more is required than simply praying and witnessing to the saving work of Christ, important and central as those are.

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Souls in Transition, The Religious & Spiritual Lives of Emerging Adults

“Emerging Adults” is a label used to describe the 18-30 year olds and in this particular study it will focus on the 18-24 segment of that group.Religious leaders, including pastors, youth workers, teachers, andespecially parents, not to mention the academicians and cultural analysts will benefit significantly from this study.Young people themselves will also find this book unusually accurate and reliable in understanding themselves and their immediate peers.

Understanding The Church’s Role in Kingdom Education

Understanding the Kingdom of God and its relationship to the church are vitally and strategically important, especially at this time. Many problems, struggles, and divisions have stemmed from either an incorrect view or a misunderstanding or misapplication of the topic. Not only are mainline Protestant churches losing ground, so are the more evangelical churches.