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Video Interview with Dr. Stephen Estock

Video interview with Teaching Elder Dr. Stephen Estock, Provisional Coordinator of CEP. This brief video was produced by Covenant Theological Seminary, where Stephen earned his MDiv degree in 1995.

CEP Calls Dr. Stephen Estock as new Coordinator

Teaching elder Dr. Stephen Estock has been called by the Christian Education and Publications Committee, at its fall meeting, to become the provisional coordinator as of January 1, 2013, according to the RAO (Rules of Assembly Operations). He will be presented to the 41st General Assembly, meeting in Greenville, SC, in June to be elected as coordinator to replace Dr. Charles Dunahoo who will be leaving the position, December 31, 2012.

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Church Treasurer Alert: CEP now accepts electronic giving

We are pleased to announce that churches are now able to support the ministry of CEP by use of the ACH (Automated Clearing House) for funds transfer. Church treasurers may choose to have funds drafted from the church’s bank account(s), at no addtional cost to the church, and establish giving frequencies that meet the giving pattern desired by the church leadership.

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A wrong paradigm of the church and the kingdom of God

A wrong paradigm of the church and the kingdom of God There is much confusion and misunderstanding about God, truth, Christianity, the church and the broader kingdom. Consequently, growing out of that confusion, we have shortchanged those things. We have gone to several extremes such as: truth is for the church and the church’s role … Continued

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Presenting Christ to Children, Page 2

Repentance is the other side of faith: The basic idea of repentance is to stop moving in one direction and begin moving in another. 1. Children who are raised in nurturing Christian families and churches, and who respond to Christ at an early age, may as adults look back and wonder, from what, if anything, … Continued

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Targeting Comprehensive Christian Education, page 3

Suggestion: Do this 2-3 hour activity with all of your church leaders. Give this scenario: You have 15 new Christians who know nothing about the Bible. You have 3 hours to meet and disciple them every week. You must determine what they should know, be, and be able to do after 3 years. By the … Continued

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Targeting Comprehensive Christian Education, page 2

Let’s go a bit further before offering some suggestions and solutions. If you or an outside consultant were to analyze your church programs, my educated guess is you or they will find very active churches with many enjoyable programs. But what is being accomplished toward true discipleship (another good CE word!). You will find Sunday … Continued

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Frequently Asked Questions about Funding CDM

CEP’s ministry depends on 1) the faithful support of PCA churches; 2)the generosity of individuals and 3)faithful use of CEP’s resources such as the Bookstore and training conferences.These few FAQ’sgive a brief overview of CEP’s funding challenge and present opportunities for you and your church to participate.

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An Intro to Nancy Guthrie

Hoping for Something Better, by Nancy Guthrie Review by Jean Bronson On a Saturday morning in October I sent this email to the ladies serving as discussion leaders in our church. The subject line read a revival in my kitchen. Hi Girls – Bill’s at the men’s retreat and I’ve been sitting in my kitchen … Continued