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Small Group Based Student Ministry, continued

What Kind of Youth Group Could Benefit from a Small Group Centered Youth Ministry? A foundation of small groups is not ideal for all youth ministries. Some ministries do not experience any of the problems listed at the beginning of this article. Some larger youth ministries have extremely effective evangelistic large groups and effective small … Continued

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Great Expectations and Gospel Realities – Part 2, continued

continued from page 1 In what ways do intergenerational relationships impact a women’s ministry? Intergenerational relationships within a women’s ministry provide diversity and strength. If we all looked alike and thought alike, what fun would there be in attempting to come up with a new theme or a new program or a new avenue of … Continued

A Suggested Three Year Curriculum for Adult Sunday School

CEP has developed a suggested three year curriculum for your adult Sunday school or other discipleship group instruction setting. The curriculum recommends book studies which cover Bible, Doctrine and Christian Living. The curriculum chart further breaks down the recommendations based on the level of spiritual maturity of the participants (eg. non-believers, nurturing young believers, mature believers, and leaders.

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You Can See it in Their Eyes Video

Making disciples of the next generation is the very heart of Christian Education and Publications. We believe our heart is in the right place. Read more and see the video and consider your opportunity to give to this ongoing ministry. View this video on by clicking the article title above.

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Making Kingdom Disciples: The Kingdom Framework, continued

R. J.: That’s a wonderful thing to have a framework or perspective from which to view tragedies like that, but some people would say, “I’m glad that works for you, but it doesn’t work for me.” What would you say to somebody like that? Charles: I would say try it. A French philosopher by the … Continued

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CEP Video Library Operating Procedures

Video Library Procedures Church annual membership fee — $175.00 This covers the use of all DVDs/videos. The only additional expense to you is return shipping charges. The reason for this very nominal membership fee is to insure the continued expansion of the library and its services. CDM will be able to purchase new DVDs/tapes. It … Continued