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Books of the Future

In the distant future I see a “book” that will allow me to underline with straight lines that later doesn’t hinder my reading because the line blotted out the words. There will also be the ability to highlight entire paragraphs and be able to use as many different colors as desired, using each color to represent whatever I want it to emphasize. This new book will allow me to add my own notes, not only in the margins, but between lines that I can separate.

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TrueU: Does God Exist?

A 10 part video series by Drs. Dale Tackett and Stephen Meyer produced by Focus on the Family.

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The Christian Life Profile Assessment Tool: Discovering the Quality of Your Relationship with God and Others in 30 Key Areas

If you read the report issued by Willow Creek Church a couple of years ago you know how a lot of people feel about their lack of spiritual growth. In fact, let me ask you a question: over this last year how much have you grown spiritually? This is not a minor question. I have been looking for a long time for a tool to use to help me, and the church overall, to be able to start measuring spiritual growth.

How We Teach and How They Learn, Part 3

Part 1 of this article introduced the subject of learning styles and described the four basic ways we process new information. Part 2 described the way we perceive new information, concrete or abstract, and the different ways we order that new information, sequential or random. Part 3 will explain the three basic ways we take in new information.

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Job: Lessons in Comfort

Frankie approaches the book of Job from the angle of comfort in suffering. All thirteen lessons constantly point us not to Job or his situation but to our covenant-keeping God who has perfect, loving control of every aspect of our lives, even when it seems He is clueless to our needs.

How We Teach and How They Learn, Part 2

In order to understand how to teach, learn, or even preach effectively, we must understand how people process information. This is the subject of learning styles. Most teaching and preaching are done according to one’s own learning style. By doing this we miss reaching those who do not learn the same way we do. Did you ever wonder why you were drawn by certain teachers and preachers and not others? It was because they communicated by the same learning style you have.

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What is God? An Investigation of the Perfection of God’s Nature

What is so helpful about this book is that it follows the pattern set out by J. Oliver Buswell in his systematics, explaining God by using the fourth question of the Shorter Catechism. Point by point you will see God clearer and clearer for who He is.

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The One Year Make It Stick Devotions

We do not normally review children’s books, but once in a while one comes along that deserves special mention. Emmett Cooper (PCA) is a master at developing ways to help people remember, and this book has many such helps.