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The Value of Church History

Don Clements. Does it matter if I know all that stuff about Martin Luther and John Knox? Does it matter if I know what has happened in the PCA for the past 30 plus years? All I really care about is my own local church and my own personal ministry – and I just don’t have time to worry about all that other stuff. Let me suggest that “all that other stuff” is part and parcel of what ultimately produced your local church, and for that matter, most likely your individual ministry.

Enlarging Worlds: Hunstville Southwood PCA “Adopts” Strapped Elementary School – and It’s Families

By Amy Sherman. The members of Southwood Presbyterian Church in Huntsville, Alabama, are heavenly minded–and earthly good. The most visible example of this is the giant replica of the solar system they’ve constructed for Lincoln Elementary School, where 94 percent of attending children are poor enough to qualify for the government’s free lunch program.

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The Kingdom Focused Leader: Seeing God At Work, In You, Through You, and Around You

The author reminds us that Jesus Christ is king who directs the affairs of his eternal kingdom. He wants us to be “kingdom focused leaders” who understand that Jesus Christ is king of the kingdom with all authority. This book will be a good primer or refresher to all Christians in places of leadership or who aspire to be kingdom focused leaders.

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The Big Picture Story Bible

A great story Bible to read with young children, this Crossway publication gives the story of redemptive history in a way you and your children will love.

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Partnering With Parents in Youth Ministry

Partnering With Parents In Youth Ministry is a book that all youth workers, session members and youth ministry leadership teams should read. This strong, biblically healthy view of helping students and their families come to know Christ and grow in Christ could help churches across the country.

Educators vs. Indoctrinators

By Joel Belz. Modern state education, pretending to be valueless, is one of the greatest-and most monolithic-purveyors of a value system in all of human history. As such, while pretending to be open-minded, it is also one of the greatest indoctrinators in all of history. That’s what education does. In fact, the definitions of the two words highlight no radical distinctions. “Teaching,” “training,” and “instruction” are part of both education and indoctrination.

The Six Habits of Spiritually Happy Men

These six habits are no litmus test that you can use to judge a man’s walk with Christ. That would be extremely dangerous. These habits create no special merit with Christ. They do nothing to improve a man’s record with Jesus. They are, however, indicators or “clues” of a deeper commitment to live by faith and make a difference in the world.