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Men’s Ministry: An Indispensable Focus for the Church

By Pete Alwinson. “Men: You can’t live with them and you can’t shoot them.” This bumper sticker glared back at me, as I pulled up to a stop light in Orlando one day. “Now that’s one ticked off lady” was my first thought. My second thought was: “I wonder what her story is. What did she experience from men? Neglect? Abuse? Anger? Who hurt her? Dad, brother, neighbor boy, boyfriend, husband, grandfather?” Could have been one or two, or all.

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Women’s Ministry in the 21st Century

This truly is an encyclopedia of practical ideas for women’s ministry leaders. Contributors to this book were from Vineyard churches, a Christian church, an Evangelical Free church, and a Lutheran church.

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Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry

This ismore into the “how-to” aspects of starting right and continuing strong in youth ministry for many years. Fields does a fine job stressing the importance of a solid spiritual life in Christ. This book will truly help either a novice or veteran in the high calling of ministry to youth and their families.

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Leaders that Last: (How Covenant Friendships Can Help Pastors Thrive)

If you are a pastor, you need something in your life beyond your family and church to help you face the pressures, stresses, and difficulties of ministry. Follow the wise, practical counsel of Scripture and listen to the testimony of two Christian brothers who know the benefits of “covenant friendships.”

Why Bother Catechizing Our Children

By Brad Winstead. We have our covenant children for such a short time. Why not lay a permanent foundation of truth that will never leave them? We are wiring the house of the child’s mind and are waiting for the Holy Spirit to flick the switch translating the head knowledge to heart knowledge.

Story, Doctrine, Life

By Tom Patete: Sunday school stands as a central means by which churches nurture the flock, but what is the future of this venerable staple of the American church? Sunday school or any other form Christian education takes has to be done with biblical clarity and life-changing consequence, or indeed it is a waste of time!

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Fine China is For Single Women, Too

Good theology applies to every circumstance of life and here we see how singles should view and process their marital status biblically. This book is little in size but rich in content.

The Truth About Islam

We have noticed a great confusion in the Church of Christ and in the country concerning the true nature ofIslam. We believe that it is our responsibilityto accurately, fairly, and honestly inform you concerning the truth about Islam. The best way to do so is to ask two importantquestions: what is NOT Islam, and what IS Islam.