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Lotus Flower

By Agnes Boggs. Lotus Flower was a little girl who lived with her father, mother and brothers in a boat on Pearl River. She was a bright, winsome little girl whom everyone loved.

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Time for the Lord’s Work

Herb Hollender shows us a life marked by service, all in an attitude of humility and graciousness. When we see the way in which the Lord has worked in his life, we can see part of the vision each of us can have in furthering the work of the Kingdom in our own small corners.

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Make A Difference!

By Barbara Thompson. As I consider the questions and the touted answers, I have become convinced that women in the PCA should be pacesetters in this decade. Two distinctives of our denomination-a biblical world and life view and a biblical frame

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Myths, Myopia and Maytags

By Howard Eyrich. A necessary component in understanding aging is the demythologization of our cultural folklore about “old people.” Demythologization is a fancy way of saying that is important to investigate current assumptions about aging in our society and compare them with the facts. Furthermore, it means that our individual and collective behavior must be adjusted to the facts.