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God’s Plan for Peace in the Middle East

By Dr. Michael Woodham. Humanly speaking, there simply does not seem to be an answer to the persistent problems of finding a politically based peace plan. So, is there really no hope for peace in Israel and the Middle East?

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ReChurch – Healing Your Way Back to the People of God

By Allan McLean. Not only does God tell us what his Church looks like and how majestic and glorious it is, he tells us what we look like and the potential that resides in all of us, both good and bad. Every pastor and ruling elder if not every member of the church should read this book.

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Dory, Optical Illusions, and the 2010 WIC Love Gift

By Steph Hubach. Over the years, our family has established a funny pattern of associating different people we know with characters in movies that we watch. This all started with my youngest son Tim, who has Down syndrome. When he was little, as a movie progressed, we’d all wait for him to identity the “who’s who” of that particular film…

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Where’s Steph?

Asking “Where can I find Steph Hubach” is kind of like asking “Where’s Waldo?” While Steph usually has a pretty busy speaking schedule in the fall, this year, she’s busy filming a 13-week DVD series on her book Same Lake, Different Boat for inclusion in the Gospel and Disability Educational Gift Packs.

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Email Privacy Policy

Christian Education and Publications Email Privacy Policy We have created this privacy policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy and the protection of your information. Why are you receiving a mailing from us? Our email marketing is permission based. If you received a mailing from us, our records indicate that either you have … Continued

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PCA Women’s Ministry pillar–Georgia Settle–goes to be with the Lord

Georgia Settle, wife of first CEP Coordinator, TE Paul Settle and the first Coordinatorof theWomen In the Church ministry in the PCA, went to be with the Lord on Sunday, September 19, after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. Susan Hunt and Barbara Thompson write, “Wehave watched her move from life season to life season with grace and dignity. She journied from strength to strength. The threads of Georgia’s life are woven throughoutour lives and is part and parcel of who we are in Christ.”